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worker in south los angeles. with gang infested housing projects that are now almost mythic, jordan downs and nickerson gardens, and i worked in these projects during what is referred to as the decade of death, when crack and unregulated gun availability laid waste to communities of color. in los angeles during the late 1980's and early 1990's, there were 1000 homicides per year in the city of los angeles, not the county, the city. now, we have between 203 hundred homicides per year. people talk about the gang problem having been addressed. i want to share with you, what i experienced, what i have learned, i am not a typical academic. i will not quote statistics to you or talk about theories. i will talk with you about practicality. pragmatic approaches, and i will talk about reality. san francisco, like los angeles learned, will never saw or deal with its gang problems effectively unless there is true collaboration. i will talk to you about what this looks like and feels like. i will speak to you about the lessons that we have learned as law enforcement had to come off of the high perch,
an impact on mind. i have done extensive work with law enforcement, with the lapd and the los angeles county sheriff's. i am here to tell you that crime has been driven down in los angeles because of their efforts, but not only because of their efforts. so what does the collaboration look like. i want you to keep some ideas in mind. there is no first among equals. what we learned in los angeles was that oppression alone was not the answer. it did not work. there were record highs in gang violence in 2005. i want to tell you what has happened between 2005 and 2012. number one, the grass roots -- the disorganize, fragmented, passionate grass roots must be part of this. the community members who go to county supervisors meetings, the members who pass out fliers, the youths who have been in the juvenile justice system that are now part of the coalition -- those individuals must have a seat at the table. no. 2. community-based organizations. that operate on a shoestring and often without any kind of coverage anywhere. they must be legitimized and made part of the conversation. i have witnessed th
thanksgiving is well worth the wait. among the warriors and los angeles tonight on electric bear with mike brown being shown the door. the los angeles tonight for in the lakers. however, mike brown perhaps more to the point expectations are always so high los angeles. you are charging $2,000 per ticket and you better not have call with bright look at you like this this was a couple of days in utah. and once kobe bryant look at him that was about it. and mike brown i cannot believe this they gave him $11 million. they finished out his contract and here is a $11 million to go away. no word on the next coach. and with the lakers? the interim coach. the warriors for the opponent and steven curry shooting a bit erratic and brian went to work. the warriors for their nearly three-quarters, only down by 5 and brien went to work. nearly 27 points, nine rebounds, seven assists. and i know that sounds like the joke but that is still in his 17th season. here egos. 101-77,- here he goes. mr. nicholson is always court side and the lakers fire mike brown and with the night over the golden state warriors.
, sunshine 71 big sur, 61 yosemite, low to mid 80s palm springs and los angeles, san diego 77. no need to worry about frost tonight, a few high clouds again with modifying air mass not going to cool as much overnight the only 30 at the reporting station is fairfield 39. tomorrow morning may hit 30 deeper inland valleys, officially upper 40s low 50s bay shore to the coast. next system not coming from the north high pressure is governing jet stream almost dew west storm system out to the west comes from the west when we see the increase in clouds and the cooling that will be because of the sea breeze thursday system comes in friday from the west, not a cold core system sill in the 60s with a chance of showers. saturday a break, different system comes from alaska sunday and monday, temperatures struggle by monday to get out of 50s. healthy rain sunday and monday, friday, not so much. >>> we've all had diet soda. new pepsi drink claims it can cut the fat in your body. pepsi special hit the market today in japan. soda infused with dextrin the same fiber found in many popular supplements sol
is actually a good friend of mine, keith naylor and he is a professor at occidental college out in los angeles. and i was talking to keith and we were running the camera about what do we do about religious diversity and overcoming some of the cultural-- culture based problems that are not neutral. what does he see and particularly we are talking about socio-economic differences in the united states particularly a big city like los angeles. and also, unfortunately, racism. so if we could, let's hear keith respond to some questions about new directions for religion in america. one of the important goals of believes and believers is, for students to develop an appreciation for religious diversity. we're very fortunate today to have professor keith naylor, who is a professor of religious studies at occidental college in los angeles. keith, we're seeing in society a further gap in terms of the haves and have-nots, sort of a socio-economic gap. is this going to affect the organization of religions or are we going to see religions further splitting according to who has wealth and who doesn't in our s
, shopping, trying for get home. here is a live shot at los angeles, the protests, people are protesting, this is what the unions are doing, what they are telling their members to do, telling friends of the unions to do, and they are disrupting every day americans' lives. is this what the union membership is supposed to be about? >>guest: why think so. this is how it has evolved. they continue to have the thug like tactics and they try to get their way not by negotiating and talking to the employer, but trying to force them into doing things, trying to pressure them through, really, immoral means. >>eric: i will hold up a couple of things. this represents what is going on, everyone knows the twinkie step and what is going on with hostess they have to liquidate, and leader is what people do not realize, they make twinkies and hostess wonderbread. did you know that you can't put a twinkie on a bread truck because the teamsters say if you transport bread you cannot transport a twinkie and you getd the products, someone else has to do it, the truck driver doesn't want to touch it, no wonder
with the unexpected consequences from their early infrastructure design. los angeles county is a land of sprawling development. with development comes hundreds of square miles of concrete, leaving no way for water to naturally soak into the ground. in areas of such widespread urbanization, flooding can be devastating. man: back in early 1930s, there was a flooding that took a lot of lives and property. as a result, the city of los angeles, in order to protect future flooding in the city, they decided to take the los angeles river and make it a flood control channel. they concreted the walls of the river in order for water to get to ocean much faster. narrator: cities throughout southern california converted natural rivers to these concrete channels, part of their storm drain systems. this allowed expanding development without the need for large flood plains. kharaghani: the los angeles river is approximately 51 miles. concrete reduces the size of the river that you need to carry the water because it speeds up the flow of water. if you'd like to remove all the concrete and to have natural system to
scroll to the bottom and click "i agree." there's one in los angeles that could affect the entire country. los angeles county voters will decide on election day if adult film actors should film condoms while shooting porn films as the sex initiative measure b would not only mandate the use of condoms but also require the los angeles department of public health to lead inspection and enforcement efforts. that's right, folks, more burdensome regulations for america's job creators in the key sectors of hand rim and blow. but, folks, i got to say today's most watched initiative have to do with marijuana. that's right. everyone's watching you, marijuana users. it's your mom. >> the question is on marijuana legalization. it is up in three states examine we're not talking about decriminalizing marijuana, we're not talking about marijuana for medicinal uses. we're talking about actually legalizing marijuana in colorado, washington and oregon. and that will be for anybody over the age of 21. >> stephen: what is this country coming to? 21 year olds allowed to smoke marijuana? it makes me want to dr
thing you know everybody is going to have to wear a condom in california. >> this los angeles voters decided it that male porn stars must wear condoms during filming. (laughter) so in los angeles you guys focus group everything? are all porn decisions community-based. should the music in porn have so much bass. are we doing too many scenes out by the pool, yes or no. how many guys have to be there before the scene starts to feel a little bit gay. more or less than five. (applause) of course, it is less than five-- of course for the most nuanced take on this issue you really need to tune into that new show a cross-section of adult women giggle about sex. i'm sorry, that is my tivo's program decision, i meant the view. >> i thought this one would interest you. required use of condoms in porn movies. los angeles -- >> wait a minute. >> no, no, not in the movie theatre-- barbara! are you having sex in the movie theatres? (laughter) i don't know what i -- >> oh, i think you know exactly what-- (laughter) you mintion. let me reassure you, miss walters you can still continue to have your un
angeles man believed to work for a mexican cartel. he's expect today be arraigned in los angeles next week. >>> a natural gas explosion damaged 17 building. it happened in the city of springfield west of boston. someone at a strip club smelled gas and that club was leveled. among the injured were police, but they are expected to be okay. >>> it's the second day of protest sins the president signed against demonstrations. >> still a lot of people out here. about 30 tents, which is an indication many of these protesters want to be here for awhile. it's not clear how long they're going to stay here. when you talk to temperature them they seem determine today speak out. >> it's throwing the low system out of the scene totally. >> news conferences on saturday were opposed to mr. moore. they're calling for a nationwide judges strike opposing faction called for a 1 million man protest on tuesday. the brother hood calls for a 1 million man protest too. some critical time here. >>> life along the gaza strip seems to be calm. stores are beginning to open. >>> the editor of a irish nan new
" was presented by kcet, los angeles. presented by kcet, los angeles.
in california, from los angeles to san francisco. >> mostly 50s in the pacific northwest, central rockies and great plains. just 30 in fargo. 40s from the midwest into the northeast. 81 in miami. >> we can only dream. >>> when we come back, bp gets ready to big deep and pay up for that gulf oil spill. a big announcement is expected today. >>> then, this morning, fears about 5-hour energy. the megashot of caffeine could be linked to more than a dozen deaths. >>> and he shoots, he doesn't score. and doesn't score again. and still doesn't score. the player who looks like he needs a gps to find the hoop. the wrong one, at that. ñc?xús1@? >>> welcome back, everybody. well, oil giant bp is expected to plead guilty, today, for its role in the massive 2010 oil spill off the gulf coast. justice department sources tell reuters that bp would admit criminal misconduct and pay what could be the largest penalty in u.s. history, probably in the billions of dollars. in exchange, the company would be exempt from future prosecution. >>> and there are big safety questions this morning about those little s
today. abc's cecilia vega with a picture coast to coast tonight and she's live in los angeles tonight. cecilia, good evening. >> reporter: hey, david, good evening. these are the folks getting ready to head home for the holiday, by trains, planes and automobiles. america is on the road. if there is one thing to be thankful for this thanksgiving eve, it's that mother nature cooperated, for the most part. that thick fog blanketed chicago's o'hare first thing in the morning, canceling 130 flights. >> will be delayed today due to the fog in chicago. >> reporter: not too far away at chicago's midway, one traveler tweeted they were "packed like sardines." and before the sun came up, los angeles international earned its reputation as the second busiest thanksgiving airport, with lines that snaked around and around. on the east coast tonight, a train traffic jam. amtrak service in and out of new york city's penn station briefly suspended because of a signal problem. but from coast to coast, on one of the busiest travel days of the year, it seemed to be, well, not so busy. you braved the holid
've warmed up a little bit. typical for this time of year. should be gorgeous around los angeles to phoenix and there's a chance of showers on and off, especially washington state. usually that's the end of the forecast. but i've got to show you how cold it is this morning in alaska, fairbanks right now is minus 22 degrees. the coldest temperatures of the year. today's highs aren't even going to get up to zero with sunshine. that's cold. that's a look at cloudy. bakersfield to san jose looking good, too, just the northwest with the clouds. >>> no huge storms coming, and we need to get a little warm-up for our friends 2in alaska. >>> the u.s. is poised to become the world's biggest oil producer. a new health scare for women. >>> a petition with almost 400,000 signatures mushing macy's to drop donald trump. you're watching "early today." >>> stories making news this morning, new york governor andrew cuomo wants $30 billion in federal aid to rebuild after sandy. almost 60,000 customers are still without power on new york's long island and all new jersey drivers can buy gasoline today as odd/ev
,000 homeless veterans living in los angeles alone. surprising when you consider there's a plot of land there, nearly 400 acres that was donated, free, just to build a home for vets. and as dr. sanjay gupta discovers, that land could have helped a vet he met in l.a. >> you are young, how old are you? >> 22, almost 23. >> almost 23. from this area originally. >> san fern an douando valley. >> he signed up to fight for his country. what makes an 18-year-old join the army? >> i wanted to go to college and the army said they'd pay for it. >> i'm going to serve my country, but then my country is going to serve me. >> that's kind of what i was hoping for, yeah. >> where did it fall apart? >> it began to fall apart in iraq. i saw things that i know you don't want to talk about. >> no, i don't. >> you probably never want to talk about. >> no. >> the war was winding down, but robert's unit was busy with patrols and then a close friend died in a bridge collapse. >> i got back from iraq and i was having a lot of psychological issues. i guess you could say. >> posttraumatic stress. >> posttraumatic stres
. he was in ireland. we are in los angeles. it makes complete sense, he tried to put together, put some film of recent footage of daniel with me. he said, it is not going to work. he said, i am sorry. i thank him. i had done what i had needed to do. i was grateful for how generous he was. hung up the phone and try to get to the day. the good news is i did not kill myself that day because the next day stephen called again as i was headed out to work and said, he could not get it off his mind. he thought about and thought about and he was tormented and he walked around the lot for hours and thinking about it and he talked to dan. he said, he sent the footage to daniel. i said, oh, sweet, jesus. oh, no. you didn't. he said, yes, i did. and daniel wants to meet you. i said, great. i will get my toothbrush. wherever that is, i am going. just tell me when. he said, i will get back to because he is in ireland. let's meet maybe new york -- we will have a cup of coffee. i said, i am there. so i am dashing about trying to put a schedule together. stephen's and daniel's, get me off the show. i ge
queremos ser historicos. >> aquí las costumbres de sus ancestros. tanta gente en los angeles y ni saben que esto existe. >> y hollywood también comenzo a ver a los vaqueros pero no como eran. eran blancos y con pura sangres. >> como el tiempo cambia ya casi no ya vaqueros pero hay muchos que quieren vivir la vida de antes. cambio la relación entre la tierra la res y el vaquero. >> y se dio una explosión hay 4 víctimas en estado critico 2 desaparecidos pero no hay víctimas fatales. >> y la solución para que su hijo no se enferme podría estar en casa. entérese al regresar. >> ♪. >> aumentan las ventas de casa en la bahía y aumenta un 20% en el mismo mes del año pasado. >> para prevenir que sus hijos se enfermen es limpiar las casas. los germenes pueden permanecer hasta en 6 pies de altura y en superficies pueden estar hasta 2 días. >> y soy guillermo quiroz y les traigo noticias del cambio pero del cambio de temperaturas aqu vemos (informacion en pantalla) este sistema viene del sur pero viene este otro detrás que al chocar un frente frio con uno caliente se vienen tormentas el
protestas. >> y se empezó a arrestar a los que se resistieron, en los angeles hay cerca de unos 12 mil empleados. >> walmart corta hora y personal, no podemos trabajar. >> hay algunos que participan en su tiempo, no hay huelga y reciben un salario competitivo con los otros retailers. >> y el viernes negro violento, en un kmart un asalto. >> (hablan en ingles) >> al parecer el hombre se desespero y gritaba que acuchillaria a uno de sus hijos. >> y un hombre deja a su hijo de 2 años en el auto dormido mientras iba a comprar un televisor. >> y como era de esperarse la epidemia del viernes negro se surtio en serio. >> ropa juguetes, zapatos accesorios. >> entonces no hay regalos para toda la familia? >> y para todos los amigos. >> como han estado las ventas el día de hoy? >> bastante gente vino al abrir y hasta ahorita sigue entrando la gente. >> los descuentos a la vista en los aparadores, según parece hay quiénes esperaban más de lo que se anunciaba. >> en medio de la euforia de compras, algunos los tienen relajandose, algunos madrugadores compraron más por menos. >> compre 3 telev
academy. it is 1989 and you are now working in los angeles. after being a patrol officer for just a few months, you are placed on gang detail. you have arrested a youth. instead of taking him to jail, you taken to his mother. the mother says, can you make him more afraid of you that of the gang members? the academy does not prepare you for that. i take that experience and i realized in the gang environment, most of these youths are coming from single- family households. in the area where the gang violence is most prevalent, great citizens of the community, 99% of those citizens are afraid. as a prosecutor, i take this experience and figure out how i want to enforce gang violence, especially in san francisco. i break it down into three categories. you have the individual who is not fully immersed in the gang lifestyle. he is just an associate comment just hanging out. -- associates, just hanging out. for that individual, we try to work with community-based programs. i've met with dcyf, the african- american steering committee, people haven't been in this violence and i say to them, what
" was presented by kcet, los angeles. presented by kcet, los angeles. - hi, neighbor! today at school, we're choosing something new for the playground! swings or slide! they're both fun to play on! and then, we get to choose a new class pet! be right back. is made possible in part by... the richard king mellon foundation. dedicated for over sixty years to south western pennsylvania's quality of life, and competitive future. and by these pittsburg foundations. working together to enhance and enrich the lives of children for more than seventy-five years. and by the arthur vining davis foundations. dedicated to strengthening america's future through education. adcasting, dedicated to strengthening america's future and contributions to your pbs station, from viewers like you. hborhood ♪ and contributions to your pbs station, ♪ a beautiful day for a neighbor ♪ ♪ would you be mine? ♪ could you be mine? ♪ won't you be my neighbor? - ♪ it's daniel tiger's neighborhood ♪ ♪ a land of make-believe ♪ won't you ride along with me? ♪ - ♪ ride along - ♪ it's daniel tiger's neig
on to sports. the los angeles lakers have a new coach. so much for phil jackson returning to the l.a. lakers. mike d'antoni, former coach for the knicks and suns, is the new boss for the lakers, replacing mike brown. on sunday night football, texans and bears in houston scored a touchdown on a diving catch by arian foster that just crossed the goal line, and the texans won the defensive battle in the second half for a 13-6 win. new orleans' drew brees threw for three touchdowns as the saints ended the falcons' chance for a perfect season. new orleans sealed a 31-27 victory. the baltimore ravens set a club record in scoring during a 55-20 rout of oakland, and in overtime, st. louis and san francisco played to a tie 24-24. alabama's loss to texas a&m puts kansas state in first place and in the bcs rankings. oregon moves up to number two. notre dame number three. alabama drops to four. georgia is now fifth. >>> lance armstrong sent a twitter photo this weekend of himself casually lying on a couch in front of all of these jerseys from the tour de france wins that were erased because of the books
a step forward and chase what matters. >> in los angeles county this afternoon. two good samaritans rescued an elderly man and a woman from a fire in their home. they found 95-year-old byron writhe wright and his 90-year- old wife. the they say the cause is undetermined. >>> newly elected gary bell is reportedly seriously ill with meningitis. he fell ill days be before the november 6th election, but appeared to be getting better. but by saturday, his condition got worse and he was in the hospital. he's getting specialized treatment from a redwood city hospital. >>> after washington state and colorado voters approved marijuana legalization. what does this have to mean for california's industry that face shut down and arrest by authorities? >> reporter: harborside health care center is a medical marijuana. >> none of my staff know when we come to work in the morning whether we're coupling home at night or to prison. >> reporter: steve is fighting a legal battle to stay open, despite fighting california's medical marijuana laws. >> it's time for the justice department to recognize the
to major corporations. what can we do for you? >> bbc world news was presented by kcet los angeles. by kcet los angeles. - get ready to vrrrooom with me, neighbour! because today we're going to clock factory park to play cars! and then we're going to katerina kittycat's house to do a jungle dance. i'm so happy you're here! and i'll be right back! is made possible in part by... the richard king mellon foundation. dedicated for over sixty years to south western pennsylvania's quality of life, and competitive future. and by these pittsburg foundations. working together to enhance and enrich the lives of children for more than seventy-five years. and by the arthur vining davis foundations. dedicated to strengthening america's future through education. adcasting, dedicated to strengthening america's future and contributions to your pbs station, from viewers like you. the neighbourhood ♪ and contributions to your pbs station, ♪ a beautiful day for a neighbour ♪ ♪ would you be mine? ♪ could you be mine? ♪ won't you be my neighbour? - ♪ it's daniel tiger's neighborhood ♪ ♪ a land
will reload. we're watching this morning some light rain around los angeles. notice just green on the map shows light rain. the white is light snow. looks like you have to head up to tahoe here in the central portions of the sierra to get any snow at all. let's show you rainfall expectancy. the most concentrated rains will be in the higher elevations here but as far as san jose, san francisco, northward, you have a better chance of heavier rainfall amounts and near yosemite and higher elevations we'll wring the moisture out. on and off showers in the forecast for everyone today. a bigger batch of rain will come into tomorrow. as far as what we're looking at on the map, here's the next impulse coming down in the jet stream. winds are fast. one behind that. this is the one we're dealing with currently. this will move onshore as we go throughout the day today. many areas yetting right lane in san francisco. you're one of those that through the peak of rush hour this morning i think you'll get a batch of steady rain heading over the top of you. hit and miss showers up to the northwest. that's
of football feigns today's raider game. >> these brightest stars are being honored here in los angeles. i have a preview of northwestern music awards and the tribute to dick clark. >> ama: we got a break from the >> ama: internet sensation cy is part of one of the biggest nights in the music industry it's the american music awards and it's just a few hours away. this video is just into the newsroom. you're looking at arrivals on the red carpet outside the nokia theater in hollywood. the biggest names in the music business are there, and our abc reporter is on the red carpet and brings us a preview. ♪ >> the best in music are being honored at the 40th annual american music awards where fans decide who takes home the accolades. rihanna and knickie minimum national lead with four nominations each, justin bieber, drake, moon 5, one direction, and usher follow with three each. >> congratulations to all the nominees. >> christina aguilera announced the nominees last month. and joins the winners tonight. r&b favorite usher will perform and so while last year's artist of the year. ♪ >> country swe
, no. >> reporter: he has worked at this wal-mart near los angeles for four years. the former employee of the month makes $9.80 an hour. >> are you scheduled to work on black friday? >> yes. >> do you plan to go to work on black friday? >> no. >> how come? >> well wal-mart needs to learn that it is not fair how they treat us. >> reporter: the protesters want minimum hourly pay raised to $13. more full-time work and less costly health care. next year their insurance premiums will jump by as much as 36% and as wal-mart scales back its contribution. >> we don't want to walk on black friday. we don't, but it's something that we have to because it's the right thing to do. >> reporter: his schedule was cut to 15 hours per week when he joined a group of wal-mart employees who favored unionizing. >> i lost my son and i'm kind of regretting working for wal- mart, but i have to provide. it's the biggest retail in the world and you can't help me provide for my son? it kills me big time. >> reporter: they tried to head off the protests with a complaint. the company said that the demonstration are
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 1,648 (some duplicates have been removed)